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  1. Can I Drop My Car Off Early?
  2. Is Towing Available?
  3. Do You Offer Credit Arrangements?
  4. Won't My Manufacturer Warranty Be Affected?
  5. Can I Get A Ride?
  6. What Is Your Warranty?

Can I Drop My Car Off Early?

There is a "mail" slot in the overhead door next to the office. Put your key in an envelope with your name and phone number and drop it in the slot.

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Is Towing Available?

Dick's Towing's number is (303) 756-8357

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Do You Offer Credit Arrangements?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Cards.

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Won't My Warranty Be Affected If I Don't Go To The Dealer?

This is a very common concern. You have the right to get your maintenance done anywhere; or for that matter to do it yourself.

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Can I Get A Ride?

Within reason we are happy to give you a ride. Please request one when you make an appointment.

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What Is Your Warranty?

All parts are at least 12 months, often longer. Our labor is at least 12 months. Ask regarding specifics at the time you authorize a repair.

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